Spotted: Tarina Tarantino at Sephora

(I know, I’m being a very bad blogger. But I’m trying, I swear, and I’m attempting to review and take pictures as I used to!)

Anyways. Tarina Tarantino has emerged at Sephora and I’m—-underwhelmed. This is the brand that kicked Kevyn Aucoin and Laura Geller out? Hm.

I’m confused with their customer target. I first thought of mid twenties to early thirties, mainly because of their packaging and this. But then they go and try to sell this atrocity at a rip-off price. Now I’m thinking teens, but how do teens afford 19$ lipgloss? (Don’t answer that. Lol. Forget that I’m not legal yet.) They also sell cream eyeshadow, but in great for clubbing black, deep purple and gold colours, and offer (stupid, in my opinion) names such as ‘Kapinki’ (a kabuki brush).

But everyone could do with new eyeshadows. They have pretty colors, I must admit.

For now though, color me skeptical of Ms. Tarantino. I think their marketing campaign is confused, and I don’t think their prices and garish, gaudy packaging is going to last long in Sephora.

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One Response to Spotted: Tarina Tarantino at Sephora

  1. marsbarsx3 says:

    I'm expecting it to be bleh like the kat von d stuff. eh

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