Swatches: Maquillage Dramatical Gel Liner

[image from ichibankao].

Gah, I’ve had the first pic for like 2 weeks, but they didn’t have the last two shades so I swatched those during the last weekend. I LOVE THESE. SOOO pigmented, so creamy, *dies* I’m totally hauling soon. Seriously. Even if they are on the pricey side of 720NTD = about 21.8USD compared to a load of other Japanese brands.

GY831 & RD632 were limited edition for the holiday 2008; my counter just had the testers out because they still had some left. Aren’t they GORGEOUS? Seriously, wish they were part of the perm line.

GD855 is definetly more yellow toned but it was a cloudy day when I took these. It’s definetly more of a true gold, like Shu uemura’s.

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8 Responses to Swatches: Maquillage Dramatical Gel Liner

  1. Ti_Amo says:

    Hi plue! Thank you for visiting my blog! Niice! They are gorgeous. I think a counter here may still have it, so I will check there. Thanks for the options though! :)

  2. plue says:

    I am pretty much lucky to have scored both GY and RD! :Dthose are really lovely! Perhaps try and see if they have it?

  3. Ti_Amo says:

    Hi Y! Thanks for visiting again! Oh yeah I swatch these on the weekends at the department store :) Even though these are more expensive than MAC, they work better for me and are about the same price as BB, and have beautiful colors!

  4. Y says:

    Those are BEAUTIFUL. Do you swatch them at the department store btw? I've been meaning to ask. And that is really expensive! IT's more expensive than a MAC gel liner.

  5. Ti_Amo says:

    Hi Mary In Wonder! Thank you for visiting my blog! :) Thse are probably my favorite gel liners!

  6. oooow I love the two blue shades^^ very pretty~

  7. Ti_Amo says:

    Hi Catherine! Thanks for visiting again! These are among the most gorgeous gel liners I've ever seen! :)

  8. Catherine says:

    Oh wow, those are gorgeous! GD855 looks so pretty!

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